Wedding Video Style


For the two full-length DVD chapters, our most popular wedding video style is documentary, for two very important reasons:

We are the eyes, and the ears, of future generations.*

We want your future children and grandchildren to have the sheer joy of seeing, and hearing, the very moments of their own creation in spirit, exactly as they occurred, unmodified by today's cinematic flourishes.

What may seem stylistically cutting edge today will one day appear outdated, perhaps even comical.  But capturing your happy day exactly as it occurred will never go out of style.  You owe it to future generations to see and hear your wedding day with crystal clarity, unadulterated by the whims of any video editor.

On the other hand, the two Highlights chapters (Ceremony and Reception) are both set to soundtracks of your choice.  Your Ceremony Highlights chapter might be set to a sacred piece that has special meaning to you, while your Reception Highlights chapter might be set to the same song you will use for your first dance.  Though minimally edited, these Highlights chapters capture the most emotional moments of the day, for a naturally dramatic impact.

With Highlights chapters set to your choice of music, plus full-length Ceremony and Reception chapters in a documentary style, you get the best of both editing styles:  Emotional drama and complete realism.


*Service mark of Art Smart HD.