Wedding Comments


Syrian Orthodox Church

"this is very beautiful! God bless the couple, and their lives together!"

"Beautiful video. Greetings from a syriac-orthodox Aramean."

"oh my god is that a nice wedding."


"So beautiful. Thank you."

"very beautiful!"

"Really well done ... nice video .. brought back memories of my wedding ... God bless ur married life !!"


Apostolic Bible Center

"wow!!!!! Great video"

"this was beautiful!!!!! God bless this union!"

"What a beautiful video and wedding. God bless you marriage!!!"

"that was so beautiful- i was crying! may God bless your life together!"

"absolutely beautiful"


Victorious Living Christian Center

"Que hermosa boda!!! La verdad me conmovio mucho que hasta llore, Bendiciones!!!"   (Such a beautiful wedding! In fact, I was very touched to cry. Blessings!)

"I cried."

"ohh my goshh that's the most beautiful wedding i have ever seen. im even cried for them lol"

"yall got me crying just beautifull bless you both!"

"This beautiful..I started to tear"

"Beautiful, I cried"

"WoW! Another video of yours!"


St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Galveston

"Beautiful couple, beautiful church, beautiful ceremony, beautiful everything. Congrats on the two :)"

"Wow, wow, wow! Just beautiful!"

"So beautiful. I'm crying"

"this video is amazing. ... i loveeee it!"

"memorable.. i luv this video"


St. Christopher Catholic Church


"Just beautiful."


"Its a very nice and holy blessing. you can really feel the blessing of God."


St. Anne's Catholic Church

"beautiful kiss! movie like! :)"


Rosemary's Garden

"Very Beautiful. Wishing you all the happiness in the world!"

"Ohhh Congratulations and May God bless you this was such a nice video."

"very pretty and beautifully refreshing. Congratualations"

"Very very nice."


Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake

"I have watched ur video so many times and I still cry!!!"

"Great video, it put a smile on my face just watching it. Thanks"



Trinity Lutheran Church

"A very nice video and beautiful."

"This is beautiful"

"Wow-I don't even know you, and I am in tears. Blessings to you both! Very beautiful!"


Second Baptist Church Sanctuary

"beautifullll thanks for upload it..."

" 'tears' you guys are beautiful"

"Your wedding video is so beautiful! I cried"